Banafshe Schippel


Simin Banafshe and Susan Schippel originally established their studio in 1986 in Birmingham, England. After graduating in BA's in Textile Design they later met while pursuing Master's Degrees at Manchester Polytechnic. Sharing a common vision, they decided to collaborate their artistic endeavors following graduation.

Since then their creativity has flourished and their talent and dedication has earned their studio a distinguished international reputation.

Presently Banafshe Schippel Design represent a group of exceptionally talented designers creating both hand painted and CAD designs which are both diverse and dynamic, contemporary and traditional to the Home Furnishing Industry. Customers include manufacturers of printed and woven textiles, bedding and bath, area rugs, tabletop, wallpaper, paper products as well as stationery and giftware.





Banafshe Schippel regularly exhibits at textile shows all over the world including:


  • Heimtextil Frankfurt (Germany)

  • Evolution Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Printsource (USA)

Our next show will be between 11 and 14 January 2022, organized by Heimtexil in Frankfurt, Germany - more information can be found at


In addition, our design collection is available virtually or by Zoom.



Simin Banafshe

UK and Europe

+44 (0) 7990 575 364

Sai Banafshe

USA and Asia

+1 571 213 9300


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